Aug. 24, 2022

Who are you?

I am writing this because I have been doing some shadow work on myself love.

I was blessed to be able to write from my heart and soul and like I have said many times, I write based on what I know and what I have been through. So I am reflecting on how far I've come and where I am now going.

and the question I asked myself lately is who are you? and what my answer was is I am the woman that God created, and I am talented and working toward my goal as a writer and as a playwright. Who are you? is a question I think we should all be asking ourselves to make ourselves soul search on what we need to be doing instead of how we don't have it to do.

Who are you should be your motivation to keep on moving because nothing beats a faliure but a try, your purpose should be to move people with whatever talent you have and be blessed with just receiving a thank you. who are you? I can still be able to speak my truth I feel this blog is my ministry, I was meant to tell my stories so that someone reading my words can somehow see themselves in one of my stories on my blog.

Who are you? ask yourself that question in the mirror one day and then try to give yourself the answer. I will never question myself or my gifts again, I will continue to move into my purpose because at the end of the day this blog saved my life, and I want to be able to save someone else.#Self-love is the best love.