Aug. 31, 2022


These past few days I have been stressed out by some of my family members.

let me explain a little of my family history, My grandparents passed away for years apart my grandmother in my 99' and my grandfather in march of 2004, so once the matriarch was gone my family slowly started falling apart.

my mother and uncles started totally started living their lives away from everyone. my aunt tried to carry the torch but once she had a stroke and was placed in a nursing home it was done. fast forward my aunt got sick at the nursing home and was placed in the hospital and once again all hell broke loose. My couisn who is the oldest of my aunt's children has been stressed because my youngest aunt and her adopted son and youngest daughter have gone from the nursing home to the hospital acting like fools, I never thought that what my grandmother used to say would be proven to be true, "your family can be your worst enemy." they have been for years wishing death on my aunt and it makes no sense to me at all, my aunt worked her whole life to have a nice amount put away from retirement and my youngest aunt and her girlfriend has been stealing it for years, but when we tried to tell my aunt this she would say that my youngest aunt tells her that she doesn't ( because of my aunt stroke she lost some of her long term memory.) well God will bring anything to the light that has been hidden in the dark, now my couisn has proof that my aunt has 401k funds. but I'm getting off subject because it all pisses me off. how do you just turn your back on your family for anyone or anything outside your family? no family is perfect we don't or didn't live like the Huxables, yes some of my family members are successful but why forget where you come from or who helped raise you?

I have been there with my aunt and my cousins from the beginning of this journey and I am not going anywhere. I have faith and hope that my aunt is coming home and like I said in past blogs prayer changes things. so even though I have family members who act like there to busy to call or go see my aunt, I am there every time my aunt calls and I will keep being there because throughout my whole life my aunt has been there for me good and bad. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way when it comes to the point where your own family has abandoned another matriarch of the family.

our family is so full of secrets and un-spoken conversations because my aunts and uncles refuse to talk to each other and express their past pain and let go of it and reunite.

nothing broken can be healed until we face it and work toward healing. I am so sad and angry on how this has become my family and the great divide it has caused and let me just add this has been going on sense my grandfather's death.

I can say for sure that my grandparents are looking down on us and shaking their heads, we were not raised to just turn our backs on family. so how it got this bad I can't say which is why like I tell mysel and my couisn this is why I stay away if it's not about my aunt and her well-being then I'm stay in my own world, you can't hurt me if I don't allow you to do so.

so before it's to late talk to your family and what ever is broken in the family dynamic fix it before it's to late.

and I say that exspecially about family. no family is perfect but in the end we are all we have. my family or at least some of my family doesn't get it or they just don't care.