Sep. 5, 2022


this subject has been in my heart for a few days now.

I am not the most religious person in the world but I believe in the highest.

I was raised by God-fearing people who taught us all to have faith.

and in the past week, there have been people in my family who have forgotten about that lesson in faith. we were raised to have faith the size of a mustard seed and not give up but to keep the power of faith and prayer open to receive all that God has in store for us.

I have listened to the wisdom of my grandparents play back in my head time and time again to remember to always pray and have faith because the two things together can change the world or even change what you may be going through.

so for people to give up so easily is beyond me, and I mean family and friends alike.

I know that we as humans will fall short of his love and glory but through it, all God is never failing, he will never live nor forsake us as long as we pray and have faith that it will work for our greatest good, so for us to just throw in the towel and let the devil win is not the way it should be.

faith has given me a sense of joy and understanding I thought I lost two years ago.

faith has saved me in my darkest hour when I lost hope my faith got me through the test and the trial, I believe it and I was raised in the church and I don't attend it much anymore but I have a spiritual heart and mind to know that you have to have faith in order to receive your blessings. I believe that with my whole heart and mind.

I have faith that my aunt will get out of the nursing home this year, I have faith that someone will see my play and help me get them on stage, and I have faith that my family will come together again. I have faith that the world will be a better place and that the killing of innocent lives will cease. faith can move mountains and valleys if you believe.

so always keep the faith no matter how bad it may get keep the faith.

hold on and know that faith can change things just like the power of prayers.