Sep. 17, 2022

The Past

These past few months with my blog have helped me a great deal.

I have grown by leaps and bounds.

my greatest lesson these months is to stop living in the past.

I held on to so much anger and hatred for people who have left me without a second thought of me or my feelings. I was so hell-bent on making them pay for hurting me and or abandoning me, I couldn't see past it. until I sat down back in February of this year and started to write my pain, hurt, and anger away.

your past doesn't determine who you are or where you're going.

My past had a profound effect on my current life and thoughts.

I was in love with someone who has by far and is missing in action for two years and yet I had gotten to the point where I began to hate him for doing what he has always done since we met 10 and a half years ago disappear. I was also holding on to the past hurt and pain from my relationship with the woman who gave birth to me. I have had an epiphany on that as well I learned that she will always be my mother but she has never been a mother to me, I am the oldest child but not the favorite and that's alright by me. I have said this in a blog before my middle sister is my mother's golden child the one that did everything first, and for a well, I was jealous of my own sister until I realized that it's not really her fault yet me and my other two sisters accomplishments is not less or greater than hers but only in my mother's eyes.

the past if you choose to keep living in it will totally destroy your every thought and dream, you can't move forward if you keep stepping backward. the past is where it should be in the past no more dwelling on something that was a lesson. I should give up on love and happiness if that were the case and I was still living in that hurtful and painful place called the past. I am stronger for finally realizing that I have made it over from it all.

more things are worth fighting for than living in my past.

be who you are and once again know the past does not define who you are or what you're meant to be, live in grace and happiness.

my honest advice for those who may be thinking that holding on to the past will help you, you can't keep hurting yourself by holding on to something that is over and done with and can do you absolutely no good at all. the past is like a curse it will it at you until there is nothing of you left.