Sep. 18, 2022

The Tree (strange fruit

I figured with all the calamity in the world around us I would start adding some of my poetry to my blog. both to encourage and share more of my thoughts through my poetry. this poem was written two years ago when all the deaths of young black men by police were becoming an issue and people in my city were doing a lot of protesting with black lives matter, I didn't take my anger to the streets I put pen to paper and wrote a poem in titled The Tree( strange fruit). I hope you get something from it.

The Tree ( strange fruit)

The tree of oak blew in the breeze.

Love of life eternally.

many things have come from the tree.

Strange fruit bore from this tree

I see feet dangling from a branch.

I cry to the top of my lungs brother do you need help?

No reply or motion at all.

The tree was the death of many that fall.

The tree has haunted me in my sleep, as I see my ancestors way down south through the muddy creek.

Lay another body's dangling feet.

The tree has taken many to the promised land.

only because of the color of their black skin.

blood on the leaves and blood on the root.

never bite or steal this strange fruit.