Sep. 22, 2022


"You come with too much baggage for me."

If I had a dime for every time I heard a guy say this to me I would be a wealthy woman. this is the topic of my blog today.

I have been in a few short-term relationships, and I must say honestly I have carried my baggage from one relationship to the next without knowing I was doing it. it took me a therapy session to figure out that I would every time I enter a new relationship or even a friendship, I have said many times I have a serious issue with trust and of course, most of the baggage I carried was about being able to trust or thinking the worst from the beginning. put the horse before the buggy as my grandfather would say. I had to of course take accountability for the mess that I would create in any of these stages of all my relationships, friendships included. I had the lesson of being able to clean up the mess from all the baggage I was carrying from one person to the next. comparing each man to the last when in the end there was no comparison at all.

The truth is we as women sometimes forget to take responsibility for our actions in a relationship, or friendships because we think because the last man did this the new man will too. that is basically taking that baggage with you without thinking with an open mind to trust and let the situation run its course. life will always give you a curve ball or two yet we have to release the baggage and move toward what is to be expected, which at the end of letting go can be a happy healthy relationship. the relationship must first start with you, knowing who you are and what you want, how to let the baggage go and begin to trust in the process. lugging around unwanted baggage whether it's emotional, physical, sexual abuse, or low self-esteem. Let the baggage go and leave it behind because if not you will keep living in the past.

take it from someone who held on tight to all kinds of baggage before I got a chance to learn who and what I wanted and to realize I'm worth more than the baggage I have carried with me for years. so whatever you do clean up the mess of your baggage whatever that baggage may be. live, love, laugh.