Sep. 22, 2022

The two faces of me

This poem is one from my book of poetry Something for the Soul

this kind of relates to baggage in a way hope you enjoy it and get something from it.

Two faces of me

I walk around with the two faces of me

the person I was born and the person I thought people wanted me to be.

I changed my name to fit in and find friends and a male companion

who was true or at least that's what I wanted them to be.

Things are no different from the life I thought I had escaped.

More drama, more lies, more abuse, no trust just hate.

I look in the mirror and what do I see?

The person I was born and the person I pretend to be.

The two faces of me

I've learned from those two faces of deceit.

I must grow into the being God made into from birth.

Carolyn was the person I became to escape my past have friends and be loved by a man.

I wasn't loving myself.

Carol Renee Dye I was born yet didn't like so I kept running cause I was afraid of I felt I wasn't.

Now I must shed those two faces of me

I want to learn to love, honor and respect myself for who I am.

So with a smile and faith from the king

I no longer need those two faces of me so just call me

Carol Renee.