Oct. 2, 2022


Let me take you on a journey for the past month I have been talking to a guy from IG, and for a few weeks now some things are not adding up.

now follow me on this first I have had both family members and friends who were in the military and never had to pay for their means of getting in touch with family and friends. on top of that right out the gate, this man is professing his love for me when he does not know me second when does the military not pay the soldiers?

He is in the military or at least that is what his picture show every chat was on IG at first then supposedly he has been deployed to a camp based in Africa. the talks were quite good at first but since his deployment, the words have gone from asking me for money to asking for my address because he has to pay for the internet while deployed.

I am too old for the games and the scam of chatting with someone online. now mind you I let this go on for the past week and then the red flag sign started waving in my head, so when I started asking more in-depth questions then the subject gets talked around or not answered at all.

I am too old to play games with scammers I don't care how good a person looks when your inner voice is yelling at you to run then listen to it. I have been burned by a scammer before and so have a few friends.

Once again I have only been talking to this person for a month and we have never met just chatting through the internet we have exchanged a few pictures but this is not serious at all, so when you start asking things that I know for a fact that you are getting than my thoughts are you thought that you had a mark to use up. not today you don't my grandmother didn't raise a fool nor a dummy. so after the last text last night asking for my address I quickly deleted the google chat.

so for me to give you the benefit of the doubt says a lot.

but we're not going to do is play games I have not the time or patience for nonsense. so ladies and gentlemen please beware of who you allow in your social media space and when it doesn't add up question everything. because we are too old to get played by folks on the internet with too much time on their hands, we deserve to find the happiness we want and need. not for people to prey on us because in their twisted minds we're so lonely we will fall for anything. I will say it one more time so those in the back can hear my grandmother didn't raise any fool.