Oct. 6, 2022


A friend and I have been conversing about church for a few days. She and I both have had different experiences with the church as a whole. for I was born in the church and we went faithful every Sunday I was in choir and so was my aunt, my cousins were on the usher board and my grandparents were pretty much on every community in our church.

but after I became a teenager and got away from our church I moved on to other churches and came up with the same conclusion church is not about a building. the church was not even approved by Christ if people remember Jesus preached to the masses outside among the people. It wasn't really until slavery that we were introduced to the building of brick and mortar and even then we were sent to a shack to worship. Pastors now are all about the flash and glamour and not the word of God, I personally have said this in my post about faith.

my friend was at a crosswords with attended church again after the pandemic and felt press from friends who have gone back to worship in a building. I simply told her she has to do what is comfortable for her and if they are truly her friends then they will have to understand she's not comfortable being in the church.

I as am getting older I find myself more of a spiritual being, I don't need to be in a church to worship and give praise. I have been giving praise each day I am blessed to open my eyes.

We have the right to worship and praise the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in whatever way we deem fit. a church does not make or break you, for the Father will not see you any different if you go to a building for two hours every Sunday morning.

"do as I say not as I do." these is the words some of these so-called pastors need to tell you before you walk in the door that way you can decide right then if you want to be a part of the nonsense that is being called church.

In this day and age who are we to judge those that don't attend does it make them less than Christian for not going to listen to a pastor tell them how much of a sinner they are when he is using the church funds to live a lavish lifestyle, or when a member has lost their job and come to the church for help, and are told that they're too proud to ask for help but that the church can't help because there are not enough funds. but the pastor is driving a new car and moved to a rich neighborhood away from where they started the church in a mostly poor area.

I am for us moving into a better way of life but when I was growing up in the church, our church was a haven for us children we were never in trouble we could go on trips with our church and be proud to do so.

The church is not about a building it's about the people within it and what it represents. are we coming together to worship or are we coming together to judge one another for our sins?

i believe that there is a God Or Gods controlling the world but it is up to us down here on earth to try and make a difference.

I honestly hope my friend figures out which way is best for her and I can't really be mad at those of us that feel there is no God because as a wise person once said to me " if there is a God why would he let all this happen on earth and not stop it." to a point I have to agree I also know that there has been a war of good and evil for centuries.

I stopped going into the church building years ago and I have not looked back. I truly believe that the is an entity that watches over us and sees all and knows all if that entity is God or the Universe then so be it. no matter what anyone believes remember the church is not about a building.