Oct. 12, 2022

My Body ( Which God has made)

My body is precious to me worth more than silver or gold

it's meant to be touched, caressed, and held.

My body which God has made a stranger came along and stole it away.

He was more than a thief in the night, he took from me my body, my soul, and m life.

In fear of any man who I think will hurt me.

I'm a hollow shell no longer among the living yet condemned to an adult hell.

My body is with me where ever I go but the ghosts of that night won't let me go.

My body which God has made is a temple of my womanhood.

My body which God has made will no longer I run and hide, it wasn't your fault I tried my best to fight him off, I was a child what was I to do?

My body which God has made no more a prisoner or any man's slave.

I'm free from the demon who stole my innocence.

I was put on this earth to love and be loved.

not another man taking my body and then leaving.

This man wasn't foreign to me he was my love, my king my husband so to speak.

Lying on the bed battered and bruised.

What form of animal could do such a thing destroying in his path another human being.

Cause he thought with his penis without a worry about what it could do to my life.

My body which God has made I've returned from my shallow grave.

A woman despite what a so-called man took from me.

I live, I love and one day will write a book.

To let other women who've been raped know we're survivors we've escaped because of God's grace.

I find freedom in the father's wisdom for he has made me who I am.

Lord in heaven makes me whole.

My body is more precious than silver and gold.

My body is my body and I am more than my body.

Men took my body without me being able to say yes or no.

My body which God has made

I'm no man's prisoner or slave.

My body is my body to give to someone who will love me despite my scars of the past.

My body is my jewel, my treasure.

I will always love and protect and love my body!

because we are more than our bodies.