Oct. 20, 2022

Dangerous mind

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

how many times over the years have we heard that expression?

For the most part, I am an overthinker because I can remember and began to question things that never made much sense, like why we get the shortest month of the year to celebrate black excellence. our ancestors worked gave blood, sweat, and tears to build a country that never wanted us for anything but unpaid labor.

and yet the generations after are out here killing and stealing to get by.

The world for us was in my opinion to have us depend on a system set up to keep us down. once again as a thinker I questioned anything that didn't sit right in my spirit.

once again it may sound weird to some but when I write characters for plays they speak to me and as I write them they for me come alive on the page.

my mind was made for me to create and sometimes it works none stop, it can be a bad thing. as a writer I tend to have writer's block sounds strange to many but if a poem or a character doesn't feel right as I'm writing it I will either walk away from it or rewrite the whole thing until it feels right in my spirit.

My mind often wonders as I write but for me, it helps me be a better writer, this blog is another way my mind can be dangerous because the topics for my blog also speak to me.

If I don't feel it I will not write that day and for me, it must speak to me.

for me, my mind has been free for the past two years to create and grow into the woman I am at this very moment.

I can hear a song or a phrase and it will become a topic for the blog. at the end of the day, I want every reader to walk away with the machine of a brain to start working and even walk away with some kind of inspiration to succeed in what ever their heart desires.

I no longer feel afraid of just being who I am without asking questions we may never learn the truth.

A dangerous mind within the right person can one day change the world and people's view of it good or bad.

stop overthinking and just do what your heart and mind are telling you, in the end, could come out something wonderful. live, love, laugh.