Sep. 20, 2022

Common Sense

This has been in my head for a couple of days.

what happened to people having common sense?

The definition of common sense is good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.

I learned early on to use my common sense throughout my life and day.

what I have learned is that these days people have more book smarts than they have common sense, and it amazes me to see how people will ask a question about something that is common sense.

Is that glass of water full when we all can clearly see the glass is full?

common sense or your intuition kicks in first.

my sad but honest example of the very thing that to me is common sense to me. I have family members who are very intelligent but lack common sense when it comes to not seeing people for who they show them that they are. common sense will let you see the signs in anyone.

how did the world come to this where we walk blindly into any situation without any kind of common sense?

I personally have been blind to the very signs more often than not but then that little voice will tell me to think with common sense to get the answer I seek.

so the next time to run across a problem where you feel there is no true answer, take a second breath and think with common sense.